Apart from the visionary aluminium sticks, Ahead also produce top quality accessories. Including drumming gloves with reinforced "hotspots" for longer life. Grip tape offering superior feel and durability, so you use less energy gripping the stick, and more on what's important, drumming. The Ahead stick bag is a luxurious item allowing easy organisation of all those drumming essentials, able to withstand life on the road. The klip-it drumkey can be clipped anywhere, easily fastened and unfastened when you need it. Ahead also produce high quality T-shirts, wallets and key rings for the enthusiast.

Ahead Grip Tape | Available in Black, Red & White

The World's Greatest Grip Tape has high-traction and super long lasting grip for all types of drumsticks.

Ahead Gloves | Available in Small, Medium, Large & X-Large

The Original drum gloves designed specifically for pro drummers. Engineered for high performance, durabilty and for staying cool and comfortable.

Ahead Compact Stick HolderDeveloped for the every day drummer, providing an extremely durable design that holds up to 5 pairs of drumsticks

Ahead Klip-It Drum Key

If innovation is your game, then this drum key is for you. The clip allows the drummer on the go to fasten their drum key to almost anything so that its easily accessible and quick to find.

Designed for FAST high tension tuning and standard tuning.

Ahead Robo Drum Key

The most efficient drum key on the market that's like a motorized drum key without the batteries, and increases tuning speed by 4 times or more.

Ahead Black Plush Stick BagAhead Black Plush Stick Bag with Grey trimAhead Grey Plush Stick Bag with Black trimAhead Black/Red Plush Stick Bag

Developed for the working drummer, providing an extremely durable design that holds 6 to 10 pairs of drumsticks and can quickly attach to any floor tom. Includes plenty of compartments to hold small parts, gloves and accessories.


Ahead Leather Stick Bag 

Sleek, stylish and meticulously handcrafted from premium
materials. It features 4 pockets to keep your sticks organized, 2 pockets for
your wallet and cellphone, a drum key holder and a shoulder strap.


Ahead Standard Hi-Hat Clutch // Ahead Drop ClutchAhead Standard Hi-Hat Clutch - This high performance, top quality, reliable clutch is designed for all hi-hats and hi-hat stands.

Ahead Drop Clutch - This high performance, top quality, quick release hi-hat drop clutch is designed for the pro level hi-hat stand, outperforming the standard clutch in versatility, ease of use and setup time.

Ahead Mach1 Double Sided Bass Drum Beater

The perfect replacement beater providing you the advantage of two bass drum beaters in one, with a classic felt sound or a bright attack sound.

Ahead Pro Kick Cube Felt Beater // Ahead Pro Kick Mach Wave Beater // Ahead Pro Kick Staccato Felt Beater

The Pro Kick bass drum beaters set the benchmark for craftsmanship, durability and quality of sound.

The Cube Felt beater features a high density, square felt bass drum beater head that creates a heavier felt sound with maximum surface head contact.

The Mach Wave beater features a self-adjusting, cup-shaped bass drum beater head that creates the ultimate bombshell effect. Enjoy a louder and brighter attack that simulates a triggered bass drum sound.

The Staccato Felt beater features a high density, rounded felt bass drum beater head that creates a solid attack strategy for a super-punchy impact.

Ahead Pro Kick Bass Drum Dampers

The Pro Kick Bass Drum Dampers are a gel muffling system designed specifically for your bass drum. These simple to install premium external dampers won't restrict airflow inside of your bass drum, encouraging the natural sustain and low-end that makes your bass drum sound its very best.


Ahead Wool Cymbal Felts - Blue, Red, Jet Black - 10 Pack

Ahead Tub of Wool Cymbal Felts - 125pcs