Tom has been playing drums since 1999 and teaching professionally since 2004. He currently plays for Purple Zeppelin, a touring tribute band (to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin) who perform to hundreds of people every week in theatres around the country. Before joining Purple Zeppelin, Tom was in London based rock band Heel who he toured with in the UK and Japan. He also played for singer-songwriter Emma Stevens and dance artist H-Boogie. Tom has studied with some of the country’s top educators and drummers and runs one of Kent’s biggest drum schools, DrumWise, which celebrated its 15th year in 2019.


Current Set Up

15” Om Hi Hats

20” Traditional Dark Crash

22” Traditional Dark Crash

19” XIST ION Dark Trash

22” Agop Signature China

22” Mantra Ride

28” Hybrid Gong




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